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Alchemista Bellydance Presents…

Demelza Fox

May 4th 2019

Hey, Arizona dancers!  My amazing friend Demelza Fox will be here in town teaching some gorgeous workshops and performing as a guest artist in my latest theatrical bellydance production.  Be one of the cool kids and get to know this fabulous rising star before she bursts into a supernova!

Demelza Fox Workshop Offerings:

SASS EXPLOSION: High Energy Modern Tribal Fusion Choreography

Registration Price: $40 (Saturday May 4th 12:15-2:00pm)

(Intermediate/Advanced - 105 min)

Learn a devilishly complex and upbeat choreography, utilizing layering, cunning footwork, and fascinating musicality to a modern pop song. Tribal Fusion for FUN!

We've got complicated lock sequences, surprise turns, cute little jumps and slick tempo switches - see how my mind works in this hardcore, SASSY AF dance - and have some fun fun FUN mastering Tribal Fusion technique!



Dance of the Sacred Sexual Priestess: Embodying Aphrodite

Registration Price: $40 (Saturday May 4th 2:15pm-4:00pm)

(Open Level - 105 min)

Inanna...Ishtar...Astarte...Aphrodite...Venus...the Goddess of Love has been called by many names.  Now, She calls you to enter her temple and transform into Her priestess!  Weaving together sacred dance technique, meditation, stage presence/energy work, creative movement and theatrical bellydance, together we will learn a beautiful, sensuous choreography to honor, celebrate, and embody Aphrodite. 

This workshop draws from Demelza's intensive studies of sacred dance with Moria Chappell, her own studies as a Priestess of Rhiannon (Love Goddess in the Avalonian Traditions), and her fascination with storytelling in dance.

Temple of Ishtar Theatrical Bellydance Show & After Party

Saturday May 4th - 8:00pm

Alchemista Bellydance Company and Vraja Productions bring you a new theatrical bellydance show, "The Temple of Ishtar".  This boldly sensual show tells the stories of Priestesses of the Goddess, from ancient through modern times.  Starring Demelza Fox of the UK, and Arizona dancers Samantha Karim, Krisenna Zipporah, Na-il Emmert, Katara & Diosa of Osiris Bellydance, and Inanna LeFay, Astarte Blu, Dejah Kadath, Ana Perez, and Jaime Parker of Alchemista Bellydance Company.

  • General Admission: $18


Demelza Fox has been working as a professional belly dancer and teacher since 2010. She is known for her captivating stage presence, her breathless musicality, and her high-energy teaching style. Her main teachers have been Suhaila Salimpour, Zoe Jakes and Moria Chappell. She taught weekly classes for eight years and hosted teachers such as Anasma, Alexis Southall, Darkstar, Jaydee Amrita and Catherine Taylor in Cambridge, UK. Demelza is a passionate student of Belly Dance, traveling the world to learn and understand more about this art form. She was the co-producer of the Honeysuckle Revue for three years, a twin-city burlesque, dance and cabaret show designed to create a professional performance platform and wider audience for Tribal Fusion outside of the workshop circuit. She performs as a belly dancer, a burlesque dancer and a mermaid, and produces dance and installation entertainment for swanky parties and burlesque shows. Demelza is Certified in: Zoe Jakes’ Dancecraft (Key of Diamonds), 35hr Tribal Fusion Teacher Training Certified with Moria Chappell, Suhaila Salimpour Level 1 Certified, has completed Tribal Massive 49 Hour Advanced-Professional training with Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Mira Betz and Sharon Kihara, and is also Fat Chance Belly Dance General Skills Certified.  

www.demelzafox.com   www.fusionbellydance.co.uk www.priestesstraining.com

In addition, Demi is a trained Priestess of Rhiannon in the Glastonbury Avalon Tradition, and also runs Rockstar Priestess, where she offers online courses, meditations, and writings to help whip-smart witches enjoy their lives with the blessing of sexy Aphrodite, and to walk the twilight path with Morgan le Fey to power, truth, priestesshood and beyond!  

"In my heart and mind, Alchemy of Avalon has always been more than just a tea and herbs company: I have always seen it as a place where I could be all my "selves", and encourage others to do the same.  I imagine the Avalonian Arts to include many ways to heal: Music and Song, Dance, Divination, and more."

Below are some current offerings in music and dance from classically trained singer and accomplished Fusion Bellydancer, Suzanne O'Gara:

Private Vocal Lessons (60 minutes): Private instruction in classical and theatrical vocal technique and stagecraft with Lyric Coloratura and Piano Accompanist Suzanne O'Gara.


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Private Bellydance Lessons (60 Minutes): Private instruction in various styles of bellydance with Inanna LeFay (Suzanne O'Gara), teacher, performer, and Director of Alchemista Bellydance Company - including, but not limited to, dark fusion/gothic bellydance, Tribal Fusion, jazz/musical theater/vaudeville-influenced bellydance, Turkish Romani dance, Sacred/Goddess dance, and Cabaret Bellydance.  Lessons are tailored to your needs and can focus on technique/drills, theatrical elements, or both!