"In my heart and mind, Alchemy of Avalon has always been more than just a tea and herbs company: I have always seen it as a place where I could be all my "selves", and encourage others to do the same.  I imagine the Avalonian Arts to include many ways to heal: Music and Song, Dance, Divination, and more."

Below are some current offerings in music and dance from classically trained singer and accomplished Fusion Bellydancer, Suzanne O'Gara:

Workshop with Guest Artist Annwyn Avalon

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Dance of the Sacred Waters

October 19th 12:00- 2:00pm - at Alter Ego Fitness
Water is essential to life; without water, we are just parched barren land. Water is the element of emotion and connecting to this element can bring depth to our dance as we move in harmony with the waters of this planet and our body. In this class, we will begin by connecting to water at a sacred altar and through movement meditation. As a group, we will then begin to explore different movements that are associated with the element of water. Some of these are hand gestures and symbols others are classical belly dance movements expressed with a watery nature.

Dance can be an expression of the Divine; the Divine nature within ourselves as well as in devotion to the spirit or Deity. We will then learn a short repetitive choreography which can be performed as a devotional prayer, for protection or as a group in a Dance Devotion Ritual to the spirit of water. We will finish the class by weaving this choreography together in a sacred dance prayer with our dance sisters and in devotion to the water. Wear what is comfortable to you, but blue and white is encouraged. You are welcome to bring an item that connects you with water to leave on the altar for the duration of the class.

Bio- Annwyn Avalon is a Water witch, priestess, and the founder of Triskele Rose, an Avalonian witchcraft tradition. She has devoted her life to the study of dance, art, witchcraft, and magic. She has a BFA in sculpture and a BA in anthropology and has completed her Reiki Master teacher training and studied herbalism and Middle Eastern folk and esoteric dancing. Annwyn writes the Patheos.com blog, The Water Witch, and is an award-winning, internationally known dancer with a repertoire of water and mermaid themed belly dance performances. Visit her at www.waterwitchcraft.com

Goddess Workshops

B.Y.O.G. - Bring Your Own Goddess (or God!)

October 19th 2:15pm-4:oopm

Join Inanna LeFay - Suzanne O'Gara Bellydance in this 105 minute workshop which will ultimately have each student walking away with a personalized, fusion-bellydance style piece tailored toward their patron deity.

A brief meditation and basic movements will be taught first, with a focus on dark goddesses - yet applicable to any deity, archetype, or even fictional character!

It's going to be a fun yet meaningful way to amp up your inner witch, just before Halloween!

Goddess Workshops


Gala Show- Alchemista Belly Dance Presets -

Haunted Shores of Avalon

Featuring Annwyn Avalon, Inanna LeFay, Alchemista Bellydance and many other local talents. Please join us for a night of Myth, Magic and Dancing Witchery!


Private Vocal Lessons (60 minutes): Private instruction in classical and theatrical vocal technique and stagecraft with Lyric Coloratura and Piano Accompanist Suzanne O'Gara.


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Private Bellydance Lessons (60 Minutes): Private instruction in various styles of bellydance with Inanna LeFay (Suzanne O'Gara), teacher, performer, and Director of Alchemista Bellydance Company - including, but not limited to, dark fusion/gothic bellydance, Tribal Fusion, jazz/musical theater/vaudeville-influenced bellydance, Turkish Romani dance, Sacred/Goddess dance, and Cabaret Bellydance.  Lessons are tailored to your needs and can focus on technique/drills, theatrical elements, or both!